Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Call (PPCall) Management

Pay Per Call has an instant impact and convert 5x-10x higher than any other marketing & has the highest Marketing ROI

We Get Highly Qualified Leads to Call You

If your business relies on a steady flow of people calling, then you definitely need to be running a PPCall campaign with us.

With Pay Per Call advertising you only pay for the calls you receive. No more time wasters just looking for free information on your website. No more attracting the wrong kind of searcher who clicks through to your site and then immediately hits the back button because it wasn't what they were looking for.

We generate calls for your business from people that are ready to buy.

Book Your Consultation Call To Get Prices

We look at every business we work with as a partner, so it’s important that you make good money from your pay per call campaigns.

The only way to make sure this happens is to find out more about your business, the areas you serve, and the services you provide.

It only takes about 15 minutes on the phone. We’ll work out your cost per call together, and if you’re happy with it, we’ll start generating new business for you.

Get Calls Instantly

Sign up today and you could start receiving leads tomorrow. Our pay-per-call campaigns get immediate results.

Exclusive Leads

We only work with one company per market. Sign up soon to claim your area before your competitor does!

Only Pay For Valid Leads

A valid lead is someone in your area calling about service/product you offer. You won’t pay for duplicate leads for calls less than 30 seconds.

No Contracts

We won’t lock you into a long-term contract. But we’re confident you’ll stay for a long time after seeing the return on investment.

No Hidden Costs

You just pay a flat fee per lead. We do not take any commissions from your sales. There’s no monthly subscription cost. There’s no cancellation fee, either.

Transparent Reporting

We use call tracking software to provide detailed reports and call recordings. So we and you can see how many call leads have been delivered with what duration and from where.

First Two Calls For Free!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pay per call work?

We generate phone calls from targeted customers that are looking for your service. We then forward these calls onto your business. At the end of each week you’ll receive an invoice from us for these calls.

How do I know which calls are from you?

Our system tracks which calls we generate and then provides a ‘call whisper’ before the call is forwarded onto you. A ‘call whisper’ is a very short message, something like “This is a call from Sumo SEO” that you will hear once you pick up the phone. The customer is then transferred to you.

Do I need new equipment?

No, you do not need any new equipment. You can keep your existing business set up., we handle everything else on our end.

Are the calls recorded?

Yes. Our system records any calls that we generate and forward onto your business. This helps us to eliminate nuisance calls and means that you don’t get charged unnecessarily.

How do you monitor if a call is chargeable?

We will charge you if a call goes over a particular length. This length may vary but is normally set at 30 seconds.

What if the call is not from a customer?

If you are receiving nuisance phone calls from telemarketers advertising their business, let us know their telephone number and we will block it through our system. We will then credit you with a free lead the following week.

Will I get charged even for general enquiries?

Yes, as long as the call is qualified (ie. not a nuisance caller and of a certain length). Businesses that invest into ‘pay per click’ understand that not every click will turn into a paying customer. The same applies with pay per call.
No company can guarantee that every propect that rings you will turn into a paying customer. This is a fact of business. Even if you were to advertise in the Yellow Pages (TM), telephone directories or place ads on the radio, not every enquiry would turn into a paying customer. But you would still have paid for this advertising in advance.
Pay per call marketing offers you live leads with no up front costs. It is down to you to close the leads that we send. No other form of marketing offers as much value. Remember, we don’t charge in advance for our service, only for the calls that you receive. And we don’t tie you into long term contracts.

Are my leads shared?

No, we only offer you exclusive leads. We do not like the business model of charging for shared leads because someone always loses out.

How much do you charge?

Our prices vary depending on geographic area and the product or service you offer i.e lawyers leads would be way more expensive than a lead for a skip hire company, due to the value of the business it generates. We have a vested interest in helping you generate new business because our success is your success.

We've generated over 23,102 calls for clients.

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