Twinings Tea

The Challenge

Twinings provides superb specialty teas and herbal blends to a global market. In order to increase awareness and promote growth, Twinings required a SEO/SEM agency to maximize their digital marketing campaign. As a business saturated in such a competitive market, it is difficult to compete with such superbrands as, Teavana and Tao of Tea. How did we make it work?

SEO Strategy

Following our meetings with Twinings, we first familiarized ourselves with their tea brand, current website and existing social networks, seeking out all areas that could be improved upon.

We strengthened organic keyword searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo by focusing on areas specific to their products, making sure that each keyword directly lead to corresponding product pages in addition to brand recognition using various social networks.

PPC Strategy

The primary goal was to maximize conversions to enhance their overall marketing strategies by providing better product promotion. Our SEM strategy combined common keyword searches using Google AdWords along side a re-marketing campaign focused on seasonal promotions (Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter) with Special offers and incentives to encourage conversions. Our campaign targeted an audience through various ‘established’ networks so we were able to complete our strategy accurately.


Results have been an overwhelming improvement since our start. Consumer engagement levels, conversions, referred websites visits and social media activity have all increased. We provide monthly reports for Twinings, ensuring that our strategy continues utilizing all methods accurately.

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